Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sneak Peek at Trinity

Simon Always Has Something to Say

Mr. H's Family

Jack's Party People

These are only a few of Jack's party people who helped him celebrate.

365 Days Old

I posted birthday wishes to Jack a few weeks ago. The main event was documented for his posterity and his parents.


Mr. H and His Daddy

Nothing I could say would make this any cuter!

Simon was Saying

Simon was saying he didn't want to do this anymore. His expression is priceless!

Friday, December 7, 2007

I was Tagged Weeks Ago

The price of coercing your friends and family to jump on the blog bandwagon is getting tagged! Technically I was tagged ages ago by Angie and I am just now getting to it. I think the rules suggest documenting six truths about oneself that could be funny, embarrassing, or just plain scandalous. I like scandalous.

1. I DETEST laundry. Folding clothes, organizing drawers, and straightening closets confound and befuddle me. I'd rather clean a toilet with my toothbrush.

2. When people ask me why I am not married, I tell them I am holding out for an orphan with dead parents so I don't have to share holidays. It's a guaranteed short conversation.

3. I am a little obsessive. When I discover something I like.....I REALLY like it. For instance, if I like a restaurant, I will suggest going there every time I am asked.

4. I marry off all my friends. If you aren't betrothed and want to increase your family of one by one ...befriend me. You'll be engaged in no time. It's my special gift. Don't expect me to be your bridesmaid, I've retired.

5. I attract strange men. Sometimes they are short (4'11"...not exaggerating....and I thought I was vertically challenged), sometimes they are foreign, sometimes they are young (young like he was a toddler when I graduated from high school young), sometimes they are old (old enough to ask "who's your daddy"), sometimes they are missing teeth, sometimes they are more interested their careers, sometimes I am lined up, and sometimes I just wonder what the "weirdness" is about me which continues to attract such a ecletic variety of suitors.

6. I love skinny dipping! I know, scandalous! Somehow I think this counteracts the unreasonably extreme modesty of my youth. There is something slightly salacious about getting "nekkid" in the dark of night. Yes, only in the dark of night. I was caught once. Can I say MORTIFIED! Perhaps I should save that story for another day.

PS Before you befriend me in hopes of becoming betrothed, you should know I make all my friends skinny dip at least once. It's a required rite of passage.