Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Cars

Thanksgiving 2008-2033-3 final copy copy

Thanksgiving 2008-2034 copy

Forgot One

And I had to post it pronto.

Thanksgiving 2008-983

Thanksgiving 2008-985

Sisters Sisters I Have Four

Not only was I blessed with so many beauties as sisters....but look at what she made!!  She's really crafty at creating stunning children...with some help of course!  His luscious lips are just too much.  His sister was not having pictures this day.  She was tired and hungry both of which make for little patience with her aunt and a camera.  She will get more lens attention at Christmas time.   Thanksgiving 2008-1120 Thanksgiving 2008-1264

Thanksgiving 2008-1114-2

Thanksgiving 2008-1273

Thanksgiving 2008-1273-2

Thanksgiving 2008-1077

Thanksgiving 2008-1052

Thanksgiving 2008-1043

Thanksgiving 2008-1037

Thanksgiving 2008-1221-2

Thanksgiving 2008-1198-3

Thanksgiving 2008-1223

Thanksgiving 2008-1205-2

Thanksgiving 2008-1224


I feel like my nephews and my friend's father....obsessed with old things on wheels.  Cars definitely aren't what they used to be.  But my friend's parents look the same as they did when I was 12 years old.   It's not necessary to discuss exactly how long ago that was.  Thanksgiving 2008-2588-5

Thanksgiving 2008-2364-3

Thanksgiving 2008-2551

Thanksgiving 2008-2265

Thanksgiving 2008-2270-2

Thanksgiving 2008-2155-4

Thanksgiving 2008-2221-2

Thanksgiving 2008-2252-2

Thanksgiving 2008-2203

Thanksgiving 2008-2172

More Sisters

Aren't I lucky to have so many beautiful sisters.  Okay R....tell me which ones you like and if I need to do any other finishes for you.  I have other family photos but I was sure these would be your favorite.  I will be uploading them tonight so they can be ordered.  Thanksgiving 2008-759

Thanksgiving 2008-759-5 Thanksgiving 2008-16

Thanksgiving 2008-11

Thanksgiving 2008-17

Thanksgiving 2008-252

Thanksgiving 2008-252-3 

Thanksgiving 2008-256-2 Thanksgiving 2008-163

Thanksgiving 2008-356

Thanksgiving 2008-356-2

Thanksgiving 2008-381

Thanksgiving 2008-381-2

Thanksgiving 2008-589

Thanksgiving 2008-589-2

Thanksgiving 2008-601

Thanksgiving 2008-699


I told you I was obsessed with old cars.  There will probably be more. 

Thanksgiving 2008-2031-2 texture copy

Just Four

Can you see the stress on my face?  We had 10 minutes before we had to be home to consume turkey with 20 additional people.  We were deep fat frying one of the turkeys.  We got everyone ready in record time which is quite a feat when 7 of 12 children are five and under.  We drove five cars to this location a block away from home.  We were trying to beat the sun coming out from behind the clouds.  We took four shots.  This was the best one.  It's not horrible right???  Don't look too not everyone is following directions and looking at my camera on a tripod.  I won't mention any names...but all the offenders are 2 yrs. and under.  My mother loves color and I love the vintage finish.  Thanksgiving 2008-1026-3 copy

Thanksgiving 2008-1026-4 copy

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Only

He is my favorite and only brother married to my favorite and only sister in law.  This holiday was my first introduction to my niece Miss R.  She was born 2 days after our family event in celebration of my parents 40th anniversary.  She apparently already understands, at age 7 months, one of the things her Aunt Rachie needs her to do.  Her brother knows what I want but makes me work a whole lot harder to get it.  Check out his expression in the second photo.  Priceless.  And yes...I am obsessed with old cars.  I can't help myself.Thanksgiving 2008-1565

Thanksgiving 2008-1659

Thanksgiving 2008-1665

Thanksgiving 2008-1766

Thanksgiving 2008-1822

Thanksgiving 2008-1534

Thanksgiving 2008-1525

Thanksgiving 2008-1320

Thanksgiving 2008-1330-2

Thanksgiving 2008-1342

Thanksgiving 2008-1384

Thanksgiving 2008-1445-3

Thanksgiving 2008-1444-2

Thanksgiving 2008-1478-5

Thanksgiving 2008-1478-6

Thanksgiving 2008-1978

Thanksgiving 2008-2030

Thanksgiving 2008-2029

Thanksgiving 2008-1329

Thanksgiving 2008-1373